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Acquired by CSI in 2016, Halcom is a Slovenian company and an international corporation founded in 1992, that plays a pioneering role in the field of development of contemporary solutions for payment systems in Central and South-East Europe. By using agile methodology, it develops innovative products and services for financial institutions. Halcom's experts transfer their knowledge and expertise in the segment of payment systems and their lengthy work experience into providing advanced solutions.

With 2 continents, 7 markets, more than 50 banks, 2 central banks and clearing houses, and more than 500,000 issued digital certificates, Halcom ranks among the top providers of innovative and secure payment and financial services. Localized services, integrated solutions, flexible implementation, excellent user experience and future-proof security standards are the user benefits that have inspired leading players to trust in it.

Main Halcom solutions: personal and corporate e- and m-banking, automated banking solutions for companies and accountants, automated clearing house suite of products, software as a service, qualified digital certificates (soft, hard and in the cloud), time stamping, web services… Their competitive advantage is multi-banking product and first qualified digital cloud certificate in the country.