Our companies


IN2 Group Ltd is one of the leading ICT software development companies in the South-East European market focused on the development of digital solutions, that provides support to most demanding business processes and industrial verticals. It was acquired by CSI in 2018.

Headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, the Group capitalizes on nearly three decades of experience, utilizing the accumulated know-how of its professionals operating in five countries - Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina - to ensure successful implementations and client satisfaction, locally as well as on international markets in Azerbaijan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. 

Portfolio of IN2 Group includes high-quality software products in the areas of healthcare, financial and insurance business, digital products for various corporate verticals, and numerous software solutions for government and public services.  

Being a leading provider of healthcare solutions in a region, we bring the next generation of Hospital Information System (HIS) and Laboratory Information System (LIS) to our customers, along with extensive local and international experience in the development of national e-health systems. 

In corporate verticals, we are focused on helping transform organizations digitally with our products (ERP, BPM, DMS), that are easy to integrate with other digital services to support standard business processes.

IN2 solution INvest2 dominates regional asset management market and INsurance2, as an integrated software package, is designed to support all the core business processes in insurance.

Our complex customized solutions are tailored by the user’s specific business for maritime traffic, judiciary, labour market, and social security.